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:bulletpurple: Suture Sledge! Slogan and Stamp competition! 05/16/10

:bulletpurple: Literature Forums! 02/06/10
To the new deviant, and even to deviants who have been here a while, this website can be an intimidating maze of resources, features, and tools that are difficult to navigate. Because of the nature of the beast, we here at suture would like to direct members of the literature community to the little-known world of the dA lit forums.

:bulletpurple: Essential Graphic Novels, Part 1 09/11/05
...a sampler of graphic fiction and non-fiction that amply demonstrates the power of sequential art.



Fancy a Critique Chat Today?

Sun Apr 13, 2014, 8:49 AM



Anyone who is in the mood for a live critique (both giving and receiving, but especially giving!) and just fancies a bit of a real literature chat! 


We usually work at a "one deviation at a time" system, where someone linked their piece and the critique is given by others live. Please note, no log is recorded so we suggest if you are receiving critique you get ready to copy and past notes! Please note, critique of this nature is fast, often straight and not full of fluff.


#CRLiterature Chat room


Later today (Sunday) 9pm BST (GMT)/ 1pm PST (approximately 4 hours away!) (What time?)


Just join the Chat room and we shall welcome you in! Bring a friend :)


2014- A New Year for Writing

Wed Jan 8, 2014, 3:59 PM

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone and on behalf of the Lit CVs and the team at CRLiterature a very Happy New Year to you all. Although many grumpily types turn their noses away, I always see this point as a good opportunity to reflect and start again. It’s great to see what we managed last year, what perhaps didn't go so well and what there is to look forward to and aim for this year.


Goals don’t have to be big and dramatic, they don’t have to change the world or be a lifetime resolution. Perhaps we shouldn't use the word “resolution” in these discussions, but maybe “objectives” would be more apt? 

Last year we asked you if you had any “literature resolutions” and some people created new exciting challenges, prompt journals and groups to help meet those resolutions. Well it’s the time of year to do this again.


Glory-Be-Project started last year as a challenge for writers to try write something every day- it didn't matter what it was, just had to be something and there was a variation results as part of this. As a celebration of last year they are encouraging everyone to write a triumph journal and we would like to encourage this too. It’s okay to be boastful and proud of your achievements- I know from my own experience, sometimes it is too easy to put yourself down instead of big yourself up. Being able to congratulate yourself can be a real confidence boost and self-encouragement, sometimes all you need to get over the next hurdle.

The below questions are an adaptation of the Glory Be journal linked above, but with some more generic questions thrown in. Feel free to put your answers to these questions into your own journal or respond here:

:bulletpink: What are your writing achievements of 2013?
:bulletpink: What forms/styles/genres of writing did you try for the first time in 2013?
:bulletpink: What forms/styles/genres do you feel you learned a lot about?
:bulletpink: What will you now be able to say "be there, done that" to? What are you looking forward to trying again?
:bulletpink: What was the most fun? Most challenging? 
:bulletpink: What are your favorite pieces written this year?
:bulletpink: Did you receive a Daily Deviation? A Daily Lit Deviation? Another feature? 
:bulletpink: What contests did you enter? Did you place in any?
:bulletpink: Have you had anything published this year? If so what and where? 
:bulletpink: Who did you meet or become closer to in the literature community on deviantART? Did you write any collaborations?
:bulletpink: Did you find someone who influences you or your admire their work? 
:bulletpink: What Books did you read that made any influence on your approach to writing?

And now you've celebrated 2013 good and proper, let's have a look to the year ahead? What do you want to achieve next year? 

:bulletblue: Is there something new you would like to try this year with your writing? 
:bulletblue: What are your main writing objectives in 2014? How are you going to achieve them?
:bulletblue: What new aspects of writing are you going to challenge yourself to learn about this year?
:bulletblue: Is there a piece of work you aim to rewrite and improve?
:bulletblue: Are you planning to submit your work anywhere for publishing? Where?
:bulletblue: Are you planning to enter any contests or participate in any challenges? Where and When?
:bulletblue: What would you like out of your writing in 2014? (I.E. A DD, Published in a Zine etc)
:bulletblue: Is there any type of fellow writer you would like to meet on dA to follow/talk to this year? (i.e. Horror writers etc)
:bulletblue: What Books are you going to read?

However, we want to challenge you to think in more detail. Don’t just state “I want to write more”- ask yourself how you are going to write more? What’s going to stop you from writing and how to you move that block? What will motivate you to write more?

Community input!

As we like to share, we ask you to respond to others where you can! Don't be afraid to ask them more questions, challenge them to think more beyond their statements. This is an interactive journal and we encourage you to get involved. 


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Journal Writers

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