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:bulletpurple: Suture Sledge! Slogan and Stamp competition! 05/16/10

:bulletpurple: Literature Forums! 02/06/10
To the new deviant, and even to deviants who have been here a while, this website can be an intimidating maze of resources, features, and tools that are difficult to navigate. Because of the nature of the beast, we here at suture would like to direct members of the literature community to the little-known world of the dA lit forums.

:bulletpurple: Essential Graphic Novels, Part 1 09/11/05
...a sampler of graphic fiction and non-fiction that amply demonstrates the power of sequential art.



Critmas- The results

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 10, 2015, 3:47 AM

366 Critiques completed in 12 days 
25 awesome participants
1 person managed 75 critiques
Critmas joy= complete!

Firstly a huge thank you to everyone who has supported Critmas for 2014. It has been possibly one of the best events, with a record volume of critiques complete and a wonderfully diverse group of participants. The prizes that have been donated have been nothing short of glorious, and the pimping, sharing and word spreading of the event has been amazing. You are all so awesome and your support is always appreciated :heart:

As the headlines above say, 25 participants took part and between them achieved 366 critiques. The challenge was to complete 12, but 9 of our awesome participants exceeded that, with one deviant (RogueMudblood) achieving a stunning 75!

The prizes have been split at random, with each completer being assigned a number and using a random number generator to match each prize. The only restrictions was to ensure everyone received points and that features were evened out. This wasn't a contest about the in depth quality of critiques, it was a challenge to spread joy by giving. 

So lets see who won what!

:star: RogueMudblood  Total Critiques: 75
1000 points from Moonbeam13
Custom Journal/ Gallery skin from ginkgografix 
Features from CRAnimeAndManga , Elandria , WDWParksGal , suddenbanana 

:star: SirCassie  Total Critiques: 18
400 points from danheffer 
$15 print from GrimFace242 
Handmade bookmark from SilverInkblot** 
Features from MagicalJoey , IrrevocableFate , LostKitten , KimRaiFan 

:star: BATTLEFAIRIES Total Critiques: 17
500 points from Wordsmiths 
Emoticon Buttons from Beccalicious** 
Poetry clerihew from ThornyEnglishRose 
Features from cinyu , IrrevocableFate , WDWParksGal  suddenbanana 

:star: HigurashiKarly  Total Critiques: 17
500 points from LiliWrites*    
Poetry commission from DrippingWords 
CRAnimeAndManga , elandri , LostKitten , suddenbanana 

:star: ObsydianDreamer  Total Critiques: 16
250 points from SCFrankles
$15 print from GrimFace242 
Handmade bookmark from SilverInkblot
Features from cinyu  , Elandria , WDWParksGal , theWrittenRevolution 

:star: Anoya  Total Critiques: 14
500 points from Beccalicious
Poetry commission from DrippingWords 
Features from DrippingWords , IrrevocableFate , LostKitten , suddenbanana  

:star: suddenbanana Total Critiques: 13
200 points from Nichrysalis
A copy of  "A Jab of Deep Urgency" by PinkyMcCoversong ** 
Flash fiction of choice from ObsydianDreamer 
Features from MagicalJoey , ginkgografix , Elandria , KimRaiFan 

:star: Just-To-Look1 Total Critiques: 13
300 points from pica-ae
12 month subscription from Rushy
Calligraphy quote from pica-ae
Features from DrippingWords, ginkgografix, WDWParksGal, suddenbanana

:star: Parsat Total Critiques: 12
1000 points from Moonbeam13
Handmade bookmark from SilverInkblot ** 
Features from cinyu IrrevocableFate, WDWParksGal, suddenbanana

:star: iNeedYorkshireTea Total Critiques: 12
400 points from danheffer
Emoticon Buttons from Beccalicious** 
Handmade bookmark from SilverInkblot** 
Features from DrippingWords, ginkgografix, Elandria, KimRaiFan

:star: VanceaLouisa Total Critiques: 15
500 points from Wordsmiths
Emoticon Buttons from Beccalicious**
Flash fiction of choice from ObsydianDreamer
Features from DrippingWords, ginkgografix, WDWParksGal, theWrittenRevolution

:star: Nonsensical-Inks Total Critiques: 12
200 points from cinyu * 
Custom journal Skin from pica-ae
Features from CRAnimeAndManga, IrrevocableFate, LostKitten, Just-To-Look1

:star: GoldenNocturna Total Critiques: 12
500 points from Beccalicious*
Devwear stickers fromBeccalicious**
Calligraphy quote from pica-ae
Features from IrrevocableFate, ginkgografix, LostKitten, KimRaiFan

:star: starhavenstudios Total Critiques: 12
300 points from BiscuitDude*
A copy of  "A Jab of Deep Urgency" by PinkyMcCoversong ** 
Features from MagicalJoey, IrrevocableFate, WDWParksGal, Just-To-Look1

:star: justayne Total Critiques: 12
200 points from neurotype
Flash fiction of choice  from ObsydianDreamer
Features from cinyu, ginkgografix, LostKitten, Just-To-Look1

:star: SeaPlume Total Critiques: 12
500 points from LiliWrites
Poetry cherihew from ThornyEnglishRose
Features from IrrevocableFate, ginkgografix, LostKitten, KimRaiFan

:star: Velkss Total Critiques: 12
500 points from LiliWrites*  
Old dA logo keychain from Beccalicious**
Calligraphy quote from pica-ae
Features from CRAnimeAndManga, ginkgografix, LostKitten, theWrittenRevolution

:star: SavageFrog Total Critiques: 12
500 points from SRSmith
Old dA logo keychain from Beccalicious** 
Custom Avatar from SirCassie
Features from cinyu, IrrevocableFate. LostKitten, Just-To-Look1

:star: KimRaiFan Total Critiques: 12
500 from SRSmith
Emoticon Buttons from Beccalicious**
handmade bookmark from SilverInkblot** 
Features from MagicalJoey, IrrevocableFate, WDWParksGal, theWrittenRevolution

:star: StudioIJB Total Critiques: 12
200 points from thetaoofchaos
Trollface buttons from Beccalicious** 
custom ID & Icon set from WDWParksGal
Features from CRAnimeAndManga, ginkgografix, WDWParksGal, LostKitten

:star: k3igu Total Critiques: 7
70 points from Synfull*

:star: MagicalJoey Total Critiques: 6
30 points from Synfull*
30 points from Rieal-Dragonsbane *

:star: SilverInkblot Total Critiques: 6
50 points from LostKitten
10 points from Rieal-Dragonsbane  *

:star: AzizrianDaoXrak Total Critiques: 5
50 points from LostKitten

* Points were donated via the donation pool and will be distributed by Beccalicious 
** This prize is a physical item, please note the prize giver a delivery address.

It is appreciated that all prize givers ensure their donations have been made within appropriate time-frame and agreement. Please note, I am not responsible for any issues that may arise, but will support you if such circumstances do come about.

see you for Critmas 2015 in December! x

It's CRITmas 2014! FINAL DAY

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 23, 2014, 6:50 AM

Final day!

:new: Update 06/01  We've got about 12 hours left before the contest deadline! We've had one person do 12 in 2 hours today, so if you are feeling mad and want a prize, go for it! Also please don't forget to log your critiques in this journal as so many have already done!

Update 04/01
2 days left! Please check your name is on the completer list if you have claimed your 12 critiques! There's still plenty of time to contribute, even if you don't make it to 12!

Update 01/01 Happy New year everyone! Here is to an amazing 2015! We've still got 5 days left of this challenge and starting to see more people completing! Keep those critiques rolling, you are doing fantastic! :D

Update 28/12 How are we getting on? Starting to see a few critiques springing about, which is fantastic! You will notice at the bottom of this journal, there is now a list of challenge participants who have submitted their completed critiques! Keep going, its looking good! 

It's beginning to look a lot like CRITmas...

There's 12 days of Christmas
Let's bring the festive cheer
Spread goodwill through critique
Right through to the New Year!


Ladies and Gentlemen of deviantART, welcome to the festive joy that is Critmas! 

For you who have never heard of Critmas, this event started 4 years ago with just a simple challenge: critique. We're asking participants to give give give, as critique is one of those important things we need as artists and writers to develop our techniques.  Anyone can give a critique, you don't need qualifications in it, you just need to be honest and constructive and if you're new to it, this is a great opportunity to give it a go! 

Not sure where to start with giving critique? Here are some useful resources:

The Challenge

The challenge is to write 12 or more critiques throughout the 12 days of Christmas. That's only one a day minimum! It can be on any form of art, whether literature or visual and can be posted as a formal critique or a comment. 

Individuals who complete the 12 or more critiques will be eligible for the prize pool. The prizes will be split amongst all the participants at random. 

Last year, we collectively wrote 158 critiques in 12 days. This year we need to beat that total! 

Not sure where to find critique? Aside from your own message centre, why not venture elsewhere? Each of the Art Forums have monthly critique threads and you can even search for art where critique has been requested for complete random choice. Whether you choose friends or strangers, diversity will help you reach number 12!

The Rules

Read This by DarkQasim

  •  It doesn't matter who you give the critiques to, but don't critique the same deviant 12 times! (The idea is to spread the joy!)

  •  Please only critique pieces from deviantART using the critique function or posting in the comments of the deviation.

  • Once you have written your 12 critiques, leave a comment in this journal, linking your 12 critiques to me.(Click on the time-stamp of your post to get direct comment link).

  • Critiques must have a minimal word-count of 100 words per critique.

  • Past critiques CANNOT be included, only critiques given after and including the 24th December will be accepted.

  •  You do not have to critique just literature; you can pick any art form, as long as you write 12.

  • Deadline for submissions: Tuesday 6th January 2015, by 11:59 PM PST

If you don't make all 12 by the deadline, you may still be in with a chance of winning some of the bonus participants points so you are welcome to share your links. The same if you post more than 12- we had one person do 40 last year!

Prize pool!

Check out this AMAZING PRIZE POOL! Prizes are divided between everyone who completes the 12 critiques, so you could win a bundle of any of the following:

Points (Total: 9700)

*donated via donation pool 


  • 4 x deviantART devwear emoticon buttons pack from Beccalicious  (old branding)
  • 1 x deviantART devwear trollface buttons pack from Beccalicious (old branding)
  • 2 X deviantART devwear logo keychain (old branding)
  • 5 X deviantART devwear stickers (old branding)
  • 2 X $15 prints from GrimFace242 
  • 2 X Copies of A JAB OF DEEP URGENCY by E Kristen Anderson aka PinkyMcCoversong 
  • 1 12 month subscription to deviantART from Rushy 

Arty things


All participants will get:



Thank you so much to all the amazing people who have donated a prize for this- it's people like you who make this event worth doing every year :heart:

Lets get our Crit on!

Starting from tomorrow, you can start writing your critiques. Don't forget when you've completed them to post them in this journal with a link to the critiques (not the deviation, but your comment!) 

In the meantime, please spread the word of the contest far and wide, the more people who participate, the more joy that's spread!

Challenge completers!

Below is a list of everyone who has completed the challenge so far and their total number of critiques (so far). If you wish to update your number, make sure you link the critiques in the comments below! 

 Please note you only have to complete 12 to qualify for the full prize pool. All you get for more than 12 is an extra star and a place on the league table lol.

:star::star: RogueMudblood 70
:star::star: SirCassie 18
:star::star: BATTLEFAIRIES 17
:star::star: HigurashiKarly 17
:star::star: ObsydianDreamer  16
:star::star: suddenbanana 13
:star::star: Just-To-Look1  13

:star: Parsat  12
:star: iNeedYorkshireTea 12
:star: CrystalMrose 12
:star: Nonsensical-Inks 12
:star: GoldenNocturna 12
:star: starhavenstudios 12
:star: justayne  12
:star: SeaPlume  12
:star: KimRaiFan  12
:star: Velkss 12
:star: SavageFrog  12
:star: KimRaiFan  12
:star: StudioIJB  12
:star: Anoya  12

MagicalJoey 6
SilverInkblot 6
AzizrianDaoXrak 5
k3igu  4

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