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:bulletpurple: Suture Sledge! Slogan and Stamp competition! 05/16/10

:bulletpurple: Literature Forums! 02/06/10
To the new deviant, and even to deviants who have been here a while, this website can be an intimidating maze of resources, features, and tools that are difficult to navigate. Because of the nature of the beast, we here at suture would like to direct members of the literature community to the little-known world of the dA lit forums.

:bulletpurple: Essential Graphic Novels, Part 1 09/11/05
...a sampler of graphic fiction and non-fiction that amply demonstrates the power of sequential art.


deviation in storage by NLY


deviation in storage by NLY
Thank you to everyone who had liked, shared and shown general excitement for the resurrection of the exquisite corpse! Now the sign up phase is over (sorry, no more can join this round!) and it is time to play!

Because we are so awesome and have had such an amazing sign up response, the corpse will be split into two teams: Team Fire and Team Ice! You will both start off from the same line, but it will be up to you guys where it leads on! 

I'm a participant! What happens next?

Read this carefully and ask questions if you are confused!

The first line has been sent to the first person on the list. The power is now in their hands to allow the poem to travel between all participants using the deviantART note system. Please only use notes- do not post this elsewhere or you spoil the game!

When it is your turn, you will receive a note from the previous participant and you will see only their line of the poem. (senders, make sure you start a new note, do not forward the note you received on! This stops any potential chain and extra lines being seen!). You will then send your line to the next participant. (Title the note with your team name helps me a lot!)

When you send your note on, please ensure you also send your note to BeccaJS (that's me!). I will be collecting all the lines together to arrange the complete poem, which I will post at the end in a journal. I will also use this as confirmation you have registered your line and the chain continues. If I am not copied in, I will believe you are no longer playing and move on to the next person. (Nb. after 48 hours, I will send you a nudge, and if no reply after a further 24 hours, you will be moved on).

Besides the technical, relax and have fun! We have no idea how the poem will turn out in the end, but it will be something we've never seen before! 

Participant order

This is the important bit! See who you are expecting a note from, see you you are sending yours too. Remember to copy me in and all will be grand!

:fire: Team Fire:fire: 

  1. BeccaJS
  2. WinteroftheSoul 
  3. Solarune
  4. TheMaidenInBlack 
  5. origamizebra 
  6. ArynChris
  7. AntoccinoDrinker :bulletred:
  8. dragoeniex
  9. bay7sawan
  10. classic-poet
  11. PinkyMcCoversong
  12. SRSmith
  13. SedahLiah
  14. Arthisa
  15. DriftingAlong
  16. inkstaineddove
  17. Vocable

Edit: for those wondering how we are progressing, the red and blue bullets on each team shows who currently holds the ball for the team! Feel free to cheer them on with warm fuzzies and such!

If you have any questions, general comments or want to share progress, please comment below :D

Thank you and enjoy!

:star: Last day to sign up, this beauty starts tomorrow and it shall be glorious!

Previously brought to you by the likes of Vocable the wise and neurotype the fearless, this literary treat is something everyone can participate in and feel a little smug and awesome for doing so when the corpse unveils itself in the end!

What is an Exquisite Corpse?

Well there is a fancy wikipedia description that features a drawing with boobs, but to take the simple term for this activity, it is a form of writing where people take it in turns to add a line to what eventually forms a full poem. You don't get to see the completed piece until the corpse has made its complete round. The results could be spectacular or just plain concerning, but that's where the fun in this lies!

Exquisite by BeccaJS

How does this shiz work?

This is a game, a bit of fun, but its also serious business. If you sign up, we expect you to play. By signing up and not playing, you shall henceforth be on the blacklist of doom and shall cry in the glory of those who managed to stick with their commitment.  

1. Between now and 6th February, you may reply to this journal saying "I am in and offer you gin!"  (or equally bad rhyming sign up that makes it clear you are participating!)

2. On the 6th of February, the fun begins and everyone who is in will be registered into a participation order.

3. Depending on the volume of participants, if we have lots, we may have 2 groups or if there are only a few we will go around twice.

4.  The first person starts by writing the first line, then the second writer writes the second, and so on sequentially with each person only being shown the line before. 

5. We shall be using the notes system to do this. The first writer will send a note containing their line and only their line to the next writer, and so on. You will need to copy me into all notes so I can piece the thing together and ensure the corpse.

6. You have 48 hours to continue the corpse upon note receipt. If you do not make it in time, we will move to the next participant (and if you're really apologetic, we will put you back on the end!).

7. The Corpse ends when the last person submits their line. There will then be a journal celebrating how awesome everyone was and reveal the grand poem we have created. Going on from this, you are free to tweak and play with the piece if you would like to make it into something neater (but credit everyone too mmkay?)

Bit confused?

Have a look at some of the historical corpses of the past if you are confused or curious!

So who wants to play?

Signed up so far...


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